Techmeme’s Biggest Technology Stories of 2012

techmeme biggest technology stories 2012
I get my tech news from a lot of sources, but I have to say Techmeme is one of my favorites. They always cover a great scope of updated news and if you ever want to get up to speed on what is the latest in the technology industry, I recommend stopping by daily.

Every year they do a round up of the biggest stories. Actually the “tallest” stories, the stories that were big enough to take up almost their entire front page. This year they covered a lot, the new Apple iPad, iPad mini, WWDC, Microsoft Surface, Nokia Lumia, Kindle Fire HD, Tim Cook, Megaupload, Instagram, Facebook stock, OS X Mountain Lion, Tim Cook, Google, Droid RAZR HD, iOS 6, iOS6 Maps, Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and much more.

It was a wild tech year and I am sure 2013 will be even better. For now take a walk down memory lane with Techmeme’s scope of the past 12 months:

Techmeme’s biggest (i.e. tallest) stories of 2012 – Techmeme News