Is Google Attacking Apple From The Inside Out?

new google logo

Interesting story from Business Insider on how Google is focused on improving their free iOS apps to try to “win mobile”. They have launched or updated their Chrome browser, Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube apps in the past several months.

I don’t think it is really any focused strategy as much as Apple is now phasing out reliance on Google services and instead developing their own technologies. So of course Google must raise the bar to continue to be relevant on the iOS platform. A better strategy business-wise might have been for Google to pull all of their apps from the App Store and just have them available on Android. Apple vs. Google and iOS vs. Android always makes for compelling headlines, but Google making great apps for iOS seems like what they should be doing.

Google’s apps are getting better, especially as far as design goes, but I am not quite sure the strategy to take over iOS with great apps that are free makes the best business sense as this article describes.

Google Is Attacking Apple Inside Out – Business Insider