Tablet Wars: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and the Race for the Mobile TV Experience

table wars kindle ipad android surface samsung

The link below is an article written by yours truly for Broadcast Engineering Magazine and focuses on the current war happening concerning tablets. Although the actual fight for marketshare is shaping up pretty much as people are expecting (iPad has the clear lead) it certainly is far from over. Added to the fact that the article goes over the details concerning mobile TV. As people are detaching from the traditional TV set and moving towards portable entertainment, mobile TV entertainment will be increasingly important in the coming years. Most tablet manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Amazon are following the iTunes/iOS lead of creating an ecosystem that has a wide range of mobile entertainment. If an iPad, Kindle, Surface, Android or Nexus can have an all encompassing system and provide the vastest array of mobile entertainment and mobile TV options, than it has a chance to move to the head of the pack.

This past year I’ve had almost every kind of tablet (owned them, not review units) and in using devices such as the iPad 4, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II, Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 and others, some clear winners are emerging. As expected, it’s tough to beat Apple’s iOS system. The iCloud framework (which has always worked great for me) coupled with the app store and various services, provide a smooth as silk combo of ease of use plus polish. The iPad mini in particular takes it to another level with striking portability. The Android interface is less polished but continues to advance, in different directions, on the Kindle, Galaxy Note and Nexus. It still often feels cobbled together and less unified, although the Kindle Fire HD is making progress. I’ll dive deeper into all these units in the coming months. But this article below centers on where we are at now as well as a closer look at the current tablet mobile TV experience:

Tablet Wars: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and the Race for the Mobile TV Experience