VEVO Review: Music Videos Find a Home


This morning I read how VEVO, the free HD music video streaming service, was coming to the Roku box. Typically I will watch VEVO on my iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or Xbox 360, and it is good to see it constantly expand to new platforms. I hope it evenutally comes to Apple TV, because that has the best set top box interface of any device I have. I’ve always been a fan of music, but especially music videos. Living through the 80’s was a front line experience of the rise (and maybe fall) of music videos and their dramtic impact on how our pop culture entertainment is shot and edited. For years I have bookmarked music videos here and there, some online, some on disc, many on YouTube. A few years back I discovered the VEVO channel on YouTube, it was great to finally have a home for music videos. The videos were eventually migrated to the dedicated website as well as the apps for iOS and Android.

The service is free to use and hosts thousands of videos. You used to be able to sign up for an account with a username and password, but now you are pretty much pushed into signing in through Facebook. This  activates a social element (which can be toggled off) that lets your Facebook friends see what you have been watching. You can search via genre, artist or song, and the software on all platforms encourages exploration. There is a lot of music, but VEVO does not have everything. Often you will find an artist from a decade or two ago (I recently searched Go West from the 80’s) only to find just one or two of a dozen or so videos available. Almost all recent artists are fully represented, and almost all current songs are avaialble (yes Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” is in there) but the real fun is in diving into the back catalog of the music you grew up with. You can save songs you like via playlists and also play continuous music video channels which is kind of like Pandora for video. There are video ads that pop up but they are not that often and usually limited to 15 or 30 seconds. The best platforms I have used are the Xbox 360 which has a great interface, the iPad mini which is the perfect size for searching and watching, and the desktop, watching the videos on a 27 inch iMac with Bose speakers is very fun indeed.

There is no reason to not try VEVO, especially if you like all you can listen to services such as Pandora and Spotify. You can download the app or go right to the website to get started. I’ll see you on there…


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