Where Does LinkedIn Fit In?


Very interesting blog post by Cap Watkins on quitting LinkedIn. Great to hear his perspective and it got me thinking about how LinkedIn has developed over the past couple years.

Quitting LinkedIn

Cap points out the influx of recruiters seeping through the service, and there is little doubt of that. He also mentions more updates flowing into the inbox. Yep, I’ve seen that. To me the site has been a good source of connecting but in the past year it’s transitioned to more of a social media site. Which means I have to go in and deal with stuff now. See who wants to connect to me, click away all these networking event invites, and mostly deal with needy emails, people wanting…something. To pitch something to me, something I should invest in, introduce me to their services, tell me about their event. It reminds me of going into Facebook and doing daily housecleaning.

Maybe I need to explore it more, or tap into what it has to offer, but the move from online resume to social network does seem a little out of character with the original mission. But I guess every site needs to blossom into a social network these days. I’m actually not on it much these days, so not yet compelled to quit. But I am interested to see where it goes with its current direction.