Microsoft Surface Pro Hands-on Review Roundup

surface pro release date tablet review

Microsoft is letting the tech community get their first hands-on time with the new Surface Pro, and things are looking rather..positive. Early reports by technology blogs are looking good, with most saying that the promise shown by the Surface RT is coming to fruition with the Surface Pro. It’s still early yet, before the official Surface Pro release date, and these are preliminary reviews, so we’ll see.

At first I thought Microsoft was trying to put a different spin on our beloved iPad, but now, maybe they are working to create a new line of what future PC’s will look like. Either way, very intriguing to read though these new reviews.

The Verge – Surface Pro: an in-depth look at Microsoft’s super tablet

Gizmodo – Microsoft Surface Pro Hands-On: This Is What It Should Have Been All Along

Engadget – Microsoft Surface Pro hands-on

ZDNet – Hands-on with Microsoft’s Surface Pro

TechRadar – Hands on: Microsoft Surface Pro review

micosoft surface RT review

UPDATE: More reviews are mentioning the downsides, thicker and heavier, less battery life and more expensive then the original Surface RT. It is more of a laptop, but most cannot actually comfortably use it in their lap. It does come with a stylus which Microsoft should know may not be the best after spending a decade producing stylus-based laptops a few years back. When full Surface Pro reviews come out we’ll see what the verdict is. I am intrigued, not sure if I will get one, but intrigued.

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