Samsung Says No to Release of Microsoft Windows RT Tablets in the US


Samsung has decided to pass. At CES, Samsung, one the hottest hardware producers of the moment, has stated that they have no plans to release a Windows RT table in the US. Windows RT is Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, available most notably on Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Samsung states that a lot of education is needed to inform consumers, but the more pressing fact is the weak demand for the Windows OS.

I feel that it’s time for Microsoft to rename their mobile operating system. OK maybe it’s too late now, but still. The baggage associated with Windows is too great. People expect anything named Windows to actually work like Windows and run Windows software, which the Windows RT OS clearly does not.

When the iPhone was launched, Steve Jobs paused during his keynote to boldly state “..and it runs Mac OS X”, which started the large auditorium bursting into applause. The only problem was, it really did not run OS X, just a stripped down version of it. The best move Apple made was to develop a new dedicated mobile OS, not long after, unveiled as iOS.

The new iOS was created for mobile and did not have the expectations of OS X. Google also started its own dedicated mobile operating system Android. While Microsoft does have a Windows Phone OS, the tablet launches have been tied to Windows, providng a different set of expectations.

With Samsung inching its way into the Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google circle of influence, it is telling that they decided to pass on Windows RT. Anything can change, but so far it does not look promising for those looking for Samsung support.

Samsung won’t launch Windows RT tablets in the US, blames confusion and weak demand | The Verge.