New MySpace Redesign is Live


Well the new MySpace is finally ready to swing its doors open for business. After undergoing an extensive redesign for many months, and working through a private beta, the public can kick the tires and get its first real view. The Verge has the latest on the launch. I’ll be taking a look at it too, so stay tuned.

New MySpace opens to the public alongside new Justin Timberlake single

UPDATE: I just joined back up, I am here –

Oddly it looks like the “classic” old MySpace does not integrate with the new version. You can log in via your old account, and retain your username, but it does not bring your friends or anything over with it. So it looks like you’ll be starting fresh. If you want to get started at all that is. No word on sparking GIF animation support so far. One other thing, for guys, if you upload an image to your profile, you must be in a suit and tie. That’s the requirement. Actually I totally made that up.

my space redesign 2013