Is Your Brand Just a Technical Service or is it Emotionally Compelling?


There is a big difference between a brand and a service, a brand is more of a story and a service is more of a task. So when you do networking with potential clients, how do you describe yourself? Do you stick to talking about the task? I have always disliked the term “freelance”, I always prefer that people position themselves as a company, even if it is just them. But freelancers, especially when they are just starting out, often stick to just describing the tasks they do. For example if they do web work, they will mention they can do all the coding, host the site on a server and maintain the site on an ongoing basis. They sometimes just stick to the technical side, just the facts. The problem is they have no leverage. Another person could describe the same exact thing. Just rattle off the list of tasks. There is no compelling reason to go with you as opposed to the other person. Even if you both do good work, it is tougher for the client to choose, and then it becomes more of a coin toss.

A brand on the other hand, has some depth to it. It puts the technical side in the background and puts the human side up front. Describing your brand and what you do becomes more cozy and inviting. You could describe how what you love to do is help companies achieve their goals and grow their brand. You work to put the best elements of what the company does out in front. You discuss how things will be marketed, best use of design to get the main message across, what kind of feeling should people get when they discover the new website, new ideas to keep the site fresh and inviting, and so on. You are still, in the end, creating a website. But you are describing it in personal terms. You are also highlighting what makes you different from the competition.

Is your brand just a service? Do you describe it in technical terms or human terms?