Sony’s PlayStation 4 Will Be Revealed February 20th, New Xbox 720 Also This Year

It looks like it’s going to be another gadget-filled year in 2013. The Wall Street Journal, and many other places, are saying that Sony will announce its new PS4 during a press event on February 20th. So far they have released a video teaser which does not show much of anything except some lightening bolts, but all signs point to a new Playstation unit coming out for this holiday season.

Microsoft is also reportedly prepping its new next-gen console for this year, some are calling it the Xbox 720, and it is likely it will be announced at E3, the 2013 Electronics Entertainment Expo, this June. No videos of suspicious looking lightening bolts have been released from Microsoft, but I will certainly keep you posted.

I’ve been a gamer for decades now, skewing more towards RPG games such as Skyrim and Final Fantasy XIII-2, as well as racing games like the Burnout / NFS series from Criterion Games. I don’t play FPS games, however I am making a recent exception and working through Pandora in the excellent Borderlands 2. I am constantly amazed at the high level of art direction, depth and digital storytelling in video games that occurs on the present generation consoles, so I am very interested to see what is in store via these new next-generation consoles.

borderlands 2