Career Advancement: Be Around Who You Want To Become

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It could not be simpler. Look at your circle of work, creative and business related contacts. The people you socialize with in person, at mixers, meetings, etc. Are you the top dog? Having more talent, drive and ambition than the others? Or are you on the other end? Often working hard to keep up career-wise, constantly trying to figure out successful people, seeing others ramp up financially and with much more abundance than yourself. Believe it or not, this is where to be, trying to catch up. It will prompt you to remain in motion as opposed to being content.

Think of it as surfing. You’re the top guy, you are the big wave. People around you want to catch it, move up to your level. It’s a great feeling of satisfaction, and you’ll often be showered with praise, but may feel stagnant suddenly, with little incentive around you to move on to bigger and better levels. The other side is you are in shallow water, wanting to catch a wave, and looking to see who can push you in a higher direction.

Want to be a big time blogger? Hang out with and connect with successful bloggers. Can’t wait to launch your own TV show? Be around people who have really done it in broadcast already. Want to ramp up in your music skills? Be around expert musicians, connect with those way above your skill set. You’ll learn a lot and the wave will sweep you up into not only achieving higher levels but wanting higher levels. If you are constantly around people who started a blog but never continued, always dreamed of a TV show and who are interested in music, but do not have the time to focus on it, well similar scenarios will probably happen to you.

Attitude is important too. Be around those who have the right attitude. Those who are positive and don’t bad-mouth others, are big dreamers, enjoy successful careers and are inspiring to be around are the best. Know that you will likely feel uncomfortable being around these overachievers, but stick with it and watch for waves. Being around those underachieving will be immensely more comfortable, often more fun and will stroke your ego in much more satisfying ways, but will ultimately provide little direction and movement for you. Leading to months (or years) of possible personal and professional stagnation.

So make sure who you want to be is close around you. And if they are not in too much contact, work hard to increase that contact. Those who are not interested in achieving, growing and advancing their empire, don’t ditch them all, just dial their involvement in your life down a bit.

Reorganizing your social palette can dramatically redesign your career path. Just decide on the balance of how dedicated you need to be to current contacts moving slowly and how much you want to infuse your life with more advanced connections that will move your career and life dramatically forward.

– Franklin McMahon
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