Does Xbox Have a Future?

xbox 720 next future

Great commentary by Nat Brown (link below) one of the original Xbox team members, on how Microsoft has handled the past few years. While the Xbox console had continued to be a success and signs point to a next generation Xbox being announced this year, it will be interesting to see how MS deals with many things coming up fast in its rear view mirror, including most notably Apple and Apple TV. It’s also worth noting how iOS gives power to the people (developers) to grow the system, while Microsoft is still being run by old media partnerships and big budget first person shooters, with little infusion from quality indie producers.

I’ve enjoyed the Xbox consoles for years, but the current incarnation is definitely more Windows than Apple-like. Each dashboard update features miles of nested tiles which takes forever to do or find anything as opposed to Apple’s refined simplicity. Content is from huge companies with minimal innovation (here comes another FPS) as opposed to a rich indie landscape of cutting edge creative developers. Most annoying is the loading on everything, from games, to videos to the interface. I am hoping the Xbox 720 or whatever it’s going to be called corrects a lot of the current issues. I am also not a big fan of Microsoft milking the Xbox brand into everything from phones to Windows 8 now. But it is a winning brand, so I could hardly blame them for capitalizing on their years of work. In reality it still is the best and best-selling console on the market now. But what happens going forward with Xbox Next?

Check out the link below for some interesting perspective on the pivatol years ahead.

Stupid, Stupid xBox!!