How to Use a DSLR Camera for Shooting Great Web Videos

how to shoot dslr web videos canon

Looking for the best DSLR camera and need one for web video? There is no reason not to have great looking web videos with today’s low cost technology, it all comes down to choosing the right gear. Unfortunately one thing I see a lot of these days is fairly bad web video. Often I see professionals on the web who spend a lot of work on branding themselves and then flip on their built-in webcam to record something. Either their laptop webcam or their iMac webcam, using the built in mic, it’s just too bad, because you are immediately judged on your video quality.  But there is hope! Want to get your web videos in better shape? Here is an edition of Ask Franklin where I discuss what I like for cameras (spoiler alert, it’s Canon) and also how to get great looking web video (and audio) from a DSLR.

Oh I also talk about shades of grey, a hot topic I know 😉

HD Version 720p – How to Use a DSLR Camera for Shooting Great Web Videos