Why So Serious? Superhero Trailers Get Mopey


I am seeing an alarming trend in superhero movie trailers lately. Not even sure how to describe the issue exactly. Perhaps “Dark Knighted”? Growing up, superhero movies were fun escapism, the male equivalent of the romantic comedy, where you kind of knew the plot and definitely knew how it would end.

Ever since the recent Batman movies, especially The Dark Knight Rises, most superhero trailers have become mopey and dire, with the weight of the world on the protagonist’s shoulders. You hear the heavenly angelic singing, the fades to black, the gravitas of the narration shouldering utter hopelessness. Good times.

Mind you, these are only teaser trailers, and often the movie does not reflect the same tone. But if you watch these clips, you will see the trend.

Now I am not saying that superhero movie trailers are suffering the same mopey angst that fun rock and roll got hit with when Nirvana stepped out onto the stage.

Actually…maybe I am.

Man of Steel Official Trailer #2 (2013) – Superman Movie HD
MOPEY RATING – 4 out of 4 stars ****

Star Trek Into Darkness NEW Trailer 1 (2013) – JJ Abrams Movie HD
MOPEY RATING – 3 out of 4 stars ***

Iron Man 3 Official Teaser Trailer #1 from Marvel and Disney (1080p HD)
MOPEY RATING – 2 out of 4 stars **

The Dark Knight Rises: Official Teaser Trailer
MOPEY RATING – 4 out of 4 stars ****