How to Stop the Apple vs. Android vs. Windows Smartphone Fights

iphone 5 vs android vs windows phone

Very good article I discovered via Jim Dalrymple’s excellent daily Mac website called The Loop. Matt Honan over at Wired has some insightful commentary on attempting to stop the fights between smartphone users. Fanboys and others have been running at a fever pitch lately, argueing about Windows phones, Apple iPhones, Google and Samsung Android phones, and many others.

Yes I am probably as guilty as anyone, whenever I see a poor person struggling with some free Android phone they just got talked into, I am the first to swoop in and go over the many benefits of Apple’s iPhone. It seems almost like cell phones have gotten political, with smartphone brand lines being drawn much like Republican and Democrat corners.

My (biased) beef is I want people to make an informed choice and not just grab the first unit that is cheap or looks cool or you are swayed towards via an in-store sales person. Smartphones are a huge part of most people’s lives, and it’s not something you want to struggle with for the next couple of years. I often tell people about the iPhone and then they return from the store with an Android. They explain how the salesperson said “it was just better”. And with it being cheaper and typically a larger screen, it’s often tough to argue. But argue..I must.

Anyway Matt Honan’s commentary is geared around letting people make their own choices for themselves. Hmmm..that’s certainly a new concept I had not thought about:

Please Stop Fighting About Your Smartphone