How to Buy Kindle Books on iPad

Want to browse over 1 million books, newspapers, magazines and blogs for Kindle on your iPad? It’s easy with the new Amazon Kindle Store Web App for iPad. Traditionally if an iOS app includes a store, then Apple gets a 30% cut from each and every purchase. Amazon deciced they did not want to share their profits with Apple, so instead of developing a Kindle store app they have created a Kindle ebook store web app. Actually it works just like a regular website, except redesigned and built for the iPad and iPad mini:

Just click the link above, make sure you are on your iPad when you do it. You’ll need to sign in to your Amazon account.

free kindle ipad store app

Once you have it loaded, you can click the share button and add it to your home screen:

free kindle store web app for ipad and ios

It’s very easy to set up and very handy. When you get onto the website, just keep in mind that the back and forward buttons are on the top left of the page, use them instead of your back and forward browser buttons.

I am still deciding on iBooks App vs. Kindle App: Best E-Book Reader for Apple iPad mini, but at least this web app makes it a whole lot easier to shop via Amazon for Kindle ebooks.