How Can You Market Your Business To Be Different?

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When you start your business and begin offering services, chances are you are offering a lot of the same things your competition is. There is much common ground, similar options, services and features. The hardest thing to do is also the most important, which is be different. Being different gives you leverage. It sets you apart from the competition. You begin to offer something that can’t be had anywhere else. It does take some time with a pencil and sketchpad to really map out what you can offer that cannot be found elsewhere, but it’s one of the most important brainstorming sessions you’ll ever have.

A great classic business book is “Differentiate or Die” by Jack Trout, which explores the topic in great detail. You don’t even have to read it, the concept is right there in the title.

Bear in mind you have more competetion than you realize. There are companies that are on your radar but there are far more you have yet to discover. Most strategic moves you do can be replicated by others. Lower prices? Others can do that. Higher? Yep. Add more services? Others can double theirs.

What is a move you can make, something you can do that cannot be copied by your competition?

It’s not an easy task. But with enough thought, there will be things you can offer that no one else can. Look at it from a potential client’s view. With so many options, who would they choose? Successful businesses branch out to be different and then multiply the moves. Pretty soon they become a local, national or international leader and then competition is more focused on catching up and mimicking the changes.

Try making a list of items that you could offer that your competition has not even thought of yet. Just sketch them out and think of as many as possible. Then start to think how you could weave this into your empire.

What sets your company apart? How can you outmaneuver the competition by being compellingly different?