How to Buy Kindle Books on iPhone

Where is the Kindle bookstore on iOS, iPhone and iPod Touch? It’s very easy to get to. This has to be the biggest question people have for me asking about Ebooks, where is the app to purchase Kindle books. The answer is there actually is no app, and you can’t purchase books directly within the Kindle app on iPhone.

Any store that is in an app on iOS has to give Apple a 30% cut on each purchase. Amazon decided they did not want to give Apple a percent of their profits, so they did not include a store in their app. However they have created a web-based store where you can easily make purchases, download samples and check out reviews. The link is here:

Amazon Kindle Bookstore for iPhone:

Now you will need to actually be on an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPod Touch, for that link to work. But once you click it, the web interface will load right up.

In case you are also wondering how to get to the Amazon Kindle Store on your iPad, that we covered here.

how to buy kindle books on iphone ios

If you want to add the Kindle Store to your iPhone home screen, just click the arrow down at the bottom and select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

When Amazon first decided to not include their bookstore in the Kindle app, I could see why they would not want to give a chunk of their profits away. But now I think is the time that they should include it. Amazon has not been known to focus on profits, they lean more towards casting a wide net to capture customers and marketshare. They often want to make purchasing as easy as possible, as they have done with their own Kindle Fire HD tablets. Even though it would take some of their profits, it is inconvenient for Kindle fans on the iOS platform. Many find it easier just to use iBooks and grab samples and make purchases from there.

If Amazon wants to make Kindle the #1 ebook store on iOS, than adding it to the iPhone app, and making purchases as easy and seamless as possible, would be a very logical step. I often go back and forth between theĀ iBooks App vs. Kindle App to decide which is better, but I have to say having a built-in store in the Amazon app would be very compelling and could tip the scales. For now at least there is a web version, so we’ll have to settle for that for now.