Streaming TV Battle for Living Room: Roku 3 vs. Apple TV vs. Xbox One

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Lots of moving and shaking in the quest to own the living room TV this past week. Although streaming channel Hulu Plus may be sold soon by interested buyers including Yahoo, DirectTV and Time Warner Cable, and Netflix is pulling record numbers from the reborn semi-original series “Arrested Development,” the real movement is how consumers actually see these streaming channels. Roku has just raised a $60 million dollar round of funding led by Fidelity, Apple TV could be poised to advance via the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next week, and the just announced Microsoft Xbox One is committed to taking over the entertainment duties of the living room.

Different strategies, but who will come out on top? I did a feature article for Broadcast Engineering Magazine this week that goes over the landscape of what may just happen next, check it out:

Streaming TV Battle: Roku 3 vs. Apple TV vs. Xbox One