Questions + Answers #1

I get a lot of great comments via the website, so I wanted to start answering them via blog posts. Let’s give it a whirl…

I am wondering if you are still enjoying all the iCloud services, especially the email? Any major problems? Thinking of making the switch myself. Thanks in advance.
– Brandan

I have not had any problems, in fact iCloud is working perfectly for me and has for months. The article I wrote, Google’s Gmail vs. Apple’s iCloud Email: Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Switch, seems to have struck a cord because it is one of the pages with the highest traffic on this site. One thing I did not mention is that I think Gmail will eventually only be available via the web and through a dedicated Google app. The way Google incorporates IMAP is different and many people have had issues with getting Gmail working in their dedicated email programs. I see this as a sign that Google is not that interested in creating a service that works with industry standards.

Twitter created an API that allowed developers to produce their own Twitter apps, and many great Twitter apps have sprung up because of this. But Twitter at the same time cut itself out of serving ads in these apps, and as Twitter becomes more focused on revenue, it has been pulling features from developers and making it much harder to develop Twitter apps. Eventually Twitter may just cancel allowing developers to create 3rd party apps.

I feel Google will head down this path as well.

Using a 3rd party email app cancels out the ad-serving element of Google, so I see Gmail getting more restrictive before it gets more open. It’s fine if you just read email in a browser. I just don’t want ads in my email. Plus as my article stated, Google scans through your email for keywords to serve ads. Most people would not be too comfy with this. This week they announced that they will now be caching all your email images. They are spinning it as an improvement, but it’s just more evasive tracking.

So I still highly recommend iCloud Apple Mail over Gmail. Also iCloud in general. I feel Google is always pushing me to give up more info (latest is forcing you to use real names in services like YouTube) and it’s just exhausting.

Can you have both ROKU and AppleTV on the same TV if you TWO HDMI ports on the TV? – Frank V.

Absolutely. Of the two I prefer AppleTV, but because of the price, there is no reason not to have both. Heck, if you have a third HDMI port, why not add Google’s Chromecast.

How come you don’t have comments enabled on your blog? – Amanda G.

I actually thought about this quite a bit. I wanted to try it through people (such as you!) sending a note in via the website and having me answer it in a post. Rather than have great comments buried different places on different posts.

So let’s try it..have a comment or question? Ask me anything. Drop me a note and let’s see if I can come up with a good answer. Thanks!