How Do I Move/Migrate from Gmail to Apple iCloud Email?

From the mailbag:

I am a simple person. Retired, traveling with spouse, live quietly now and do not like solicitors, con artists, spams and tracking. Although, this is probably unavoidable in this tech age. Also, we don’t use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or any other social networks. Really, we just don’t have a need of any of that. We love our iPads and our MacBook Pro. I want to ditch my Gmail and use iCloud. Can I move all mail (saved in gmail folders) to the new iCloud email account so that I don’t lose them? It’s mostly travel info and various receipts and such. The only other option would maybe be a paid service like or similar for more privacy. Thanks for your input on this. We will stick with Apple products. – Paul

The easiest way to do this Paul is to use your Apple Mail app on your OS X desktop. Just add your iCloud account and also your Gmail account. Once you have both set up you can move emails between the two. The trick is to use either drag and drop or select all, copy and paste. Drag and drop will actually move the emails, copy and paste will copy them. There are a few websites that have the steps to do this and it is a fairly straightforward process. After you set it up, you can arrange a forward in Gmail to make sure all new emails going to Gmail get forwarded automatically to iCloud.

Deciding to move from Gmail to Apple Email is not too big of a step, because using this method you can always copy the emails back if it does not work out.

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