How to Market Your Voice Over Services

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From the mailbag:

Hi Franklin. I came across your blog during my search for information on producing voice overs.  I’ve been a musician for 30 years have and also have been providing sound and recording for about 10. I’m looking to diversify into producing voice overs. The older I get the heavier my gear gets to haul around:).  My question for you is who should I be marketing my services to. I was thinking ad agencies but not too sure. For example who is creating the endless car dealer spots you hear on the radio? I really appreciate any advice you could share with me. On a side note I see you live in Portland. I work in Portsmouth and live near Rochester NH. – Respectfully Mike Galimberti /

Who is producing those spots is a good question. It could be the local radio station themselves, it could be a local agency who handles the media for the car company, if it is a small dealer it could just be them doing it with a microphone and a computer. It’s hard to figure out, so don’t waste time trying to. If you want to market your VO skills, you need to go to the decision maker. In this case, say it is the car dealer. Pitch them to do voice overs for their commercials. Now they most likely have a place that does all their audio and video production. No problem, ask the dealer if they can introduce you to the production company. Could be something simple, like forwarding your contact info via email. Instead of finding and pitching a production company, you have their client introduce you. In marketing, try to look for creative paths to what you are trying to find.

When it comes to marketing and building your career, there are lots of strategies. You have to be different, market pleasure, keep clients engaged, rattle cages, be emotionally compelling, measure and manage it and most importantly, take it to the next level. You owe it to your audience to bring your craft to the masses, so keep the momentum going and continue to be a student of learning new ways to market yourself in fresh and engaging ways.

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