Top Posts of 2013

switching from Gmail and outlook to apple icloud email

What were the top posts on my blog in 2013? Glad you asked. I went through my stats and here they are, in order from the highest traffic to the lowest, the ten posts that had the most visits in 2013.

#1 – Google’s Gmail vs. Apple’s iCloud Email: Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Switch
This has been the most popular post on my site this past year. I don’t think necessarily that people are fed up with Gmail, I just think that Apple’s email is starting to become a viable alternative. Especially now that more people have multiple iOS devices

#2 – iBooks App vs. Kindle App: Best E-Book Reader for Apple iPad mini?
A year ago when I wrote this I was somewhat on the fence. I now use iBooks fairly exclusively. Even though the books are sometimes a little most expensive, and I miss out on some ebooks like Kindle Singles, the ease of use and interface, on all my iOS devices, makes iBooks a keeper.

#3 – iCloud vs. Dropbox: The Final Verdict
OS X Mavericks was reportedly supposed to include an iCloud Drive, but it never happened. I do wish Apple would add a folder based iCloud drive for advanced users. Maybe at some point.

#4 – Roku 3 vs. Apple TV Review
Since I wrote this we’ve added a Roku 3 to a new TV we recently purchased. It’s not too bad. The interface still needs to be improved and it is not as bullet-proof as Apple TV, but it’s getting there.

#5 – How to Buy Kindle Books on iPad
Large spike around the holidays on this page. I do wish Amazon would allow purchases of Kindle books directly in their  iOS app for iPhone and iPad. They would lose some profit by Apple taking their cut, but would get a tremendous amount of sales. Amazon making people navigate to a website or computer to purchase a book seems odd in 2014.

#6 – iPad mini vs. iPad 4 with Retina Display Review
This review stands but is now out-dated as the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina are now out. I was going to write a follow up battle but having the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina, and using them for a few months now, they are both amazing in different ways. But if I had to choose only one, it would be the mini.

#7 – Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control Review
With all the gadgets I own, this item is one of my favorites. If you have the budget, get one, it’s an amazing device.

#8 – New Facebook Redesign Concept
Basically just a link post, but it sure stirred up some opinions.

#9 – How to Buy Kindle Books on iPhone
Another popular post, especially right after the holidays.

#10 – 4 Secrets to Taking Great People Photos
I should do more photography blog posts. I have more secrets.

So that’s it, the top posts from last year. Have any questions? Contact me.